Recess Girls Transfer Child

Size: toddler approx 7
Material: Sublimation
Sale price$3.50


Light colored shirts and white shirts are best for sublimation. Darker shirts such as grey will not show the design as well. Garment must be at least 50% polyester. 100% polyester items will give you the best colors. Anything less than 50% will give the design a vintage look.

  • Must have a heat press for this process.
  • No transfer sheet is needed.
  • Medium Pressure
  • 385-400 degrees
  • 45-60 seconds



  • Need HTV transfer mask
  • Weed excess vinyl away
  • Place HTV mask over design and peel backing away
  • Medium Pressure
  • 315 degrees
  • 15 seconds


  • No transfer sheet needed
  • Medium pressure
  • 315 degrees
  • 7 seconds
  • Cold Peel
  • Press again 7 seconds

Sizing will be for example 12in the widest point will be 12 inches.

Please allow 3-4 business days for orders to be completed and shipped.


Since this is a custom item there will be no refunds. This design is approx 5x7.5 If you would like a different sizing please email us at Apply mask to design, peel backing off design, press on garment at 315 degrees for 15 secs, peel clear mask off(save mask), and your item is complete. Design ONLY You will need a transfer mask for this that can be found here. The mask is reusable.

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